My youngest King @Quincy 2.0 & Al B. Sure! on set for his video shoot

ABS! on the set of Quincy’s video shoot of remake of classic 1988 single “Nite & Day”

My youngest King @Quincy 2.0 & I on set for his video shoot of His 2016 version remake of my 1988 7 wks #1 Billboard Nite & Day… Coming Soon! History in the making! The legacy continues! ❤?
Image: Quincy & Popz prepping for Videos shoot Los Angeles, CA

Al B. Sure!, Quincy & Kim Porter on set of remake of POPZ Classic song "Nite & Day"
Mom @LadyKP & Popz @OfficialAlBSure on the set of @Quincy’s video shoot remake of Dads classic 1988 No.1 single Nite & Day! Coming soon! We are all so very proud of you. Full Speed Ahead Methodically

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